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Welcome to The Learning Station!

Our school was founded in 1984 thanks to Dr. Judy Burgess and her love for children. This family business has flourished and thrived throughout the years, and continues to provide high quality childcare in the State College, Pennsylvania area. 

We understand the important role in which we are about to encompass. We therefore, have created a learning environment where our primary objective is to optimize each child’s own developmental potential. These early years are those years in which the rate of development is the highest, and the learning foundation is laid. 

Change is one of the most prevalent features of a child’s early life. Therefore we have created a learning environment that easily adapts to their ever changing needs. We encourage them to explore, and to learn many life long lessons, while having fun! 

We also understand the value of communication. It is through the art of effective communications that we work together as a team, in order to maximize learning, while maintaining the highest level of care! 

The Learning Station supports language development and academic achievements of all children who are culturally and linguistically diverse. Many of our children and families are dual language learners, as well as our culturally diverse staff. Therefore, we do our best to communicate with families through the use of: 

  • Translators
  • Visual cues and prompts 

  • Home language sheets 

  • Written translated information 

We also encourage a variety of ways to communicate with you, these include but are not limited to: 

  • Direct verbal communication 

  • Newsletters 

  • Trainings 

  • E-mail 

  • Phone calls

  • Texting 

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